Phosphor Coater

Phosphor Coater


QMC LPC Series is equipment that coats Phosphor on Flip Chip in a uniform thickness by applying Hybrid Coating head. By applying the vacuum chamber structure, the equipment prevents bubble formation inside the phosphor. Pre-Heating Zone allows high productivity by minimizing the deformation of the material when moving.



  • High throughput performance and stability for mass production
  • Hybrid Coating Head for applying the phosphor as uniform thickness
  • Vacuum Chamber Structure for preventing the bubble generation when applying the phosphor
  • Pre-Curing function for preventing phosphor fluid flow and variation after applying the phosphor
Item LPC-210 비고
Coating Size 100mm X 100mme
Loading / Unloading Steel Ring Frame
Cassette Slot 25 Slot
Coating Uniformity ±15㎛ @ chip thickness less than 350㎛ Typ. Chip thickness 150㎛
Depending on the Silicone + Phosphor
mix ratio and the viscosity, uniformity
results may vary
Coating Height Control Auto
Displacement Measurement Laser Sensor
Coating Speed 0.7mm/sec CPS 3600 (Silicone + Phosphor)
Pre-cure Zone Plate Heater. max. 300°C Pre-cure time;300sec