CSP Blade Cutter

CSP Blade Cutter


QMC LBC Series is fully automated equipment that Knife Cuts the CSP sheets coated with phosphors during CSP manufacturing process. By applying the upper / lower vision, the equipment can be applied to various CSP models. Compared to existing Blade Sawing, the equipment can enhance high productivity and reduce maintenance cost.



  • High speed performance and stability for mass production
  • High accuracy cutting position
  • Automatic Z-axis(flatness) of the blade position for better cutting accuracy
  • Automatic front side / back side vision alignment
Item LBC-100 비고
Sheet Size Max. 100mm X 100mm
Position accuracy ± 2um
Cutting Tact Time 2 sec/line
System dimension 950 X 1100 X 1700 (mm) (W X D X H)