Laser Cutting System

SLS Series

SLS-100, SLS-300

QMC SLS Series series is a fully automatic mass production equipment that cuts or draws cutting line on wafers or substrates. Further, the equipment can irradiate laser beam inside the medium for the process. To serve the needs of clients, the system can cut metal substrates other than silicon and silicon. It offers various convenience features that enhance user's convenience for additional productivity and yield.


  • Able to process single wafer / partial wafer
  • Compact Design for small foot print
  • Automatic compensation for dicing street and wafer thickness
  • High throughput and efficiency
Item SLS-100 SLS-300
Wafer Size
Up to 6inch Up to 6inch
Scribing Side
Top side/Black side -
Wafer Cassette Slot 25 Slot 25 Slot
Scribing Speed Max. 300mm/sec Max. 1000mm/sec
System dimension 1500 X 1845 X 1850 (mm) (W X D X H) 1300 X 1360 X 1480 (mm) (W X D X H)