LCP Series

LCP-200, LCP-280

QMC LCP series is a fully automated mass production equipment that measures the electrical and optical properties of light emitting devices arranged in units on wafer or substrates. The equipment’s structure is optimized for each device. By implementing the measurement on die-level or wafer-level, QMC LCP series can offer stable measurement reliability and high productivity.



  • High throughput performance and stability for mass production
  • Automatic vision inspection for double chip and damaged chip
  • Custom designed integrating sphere and probe card available
  • High Measurement accuracy
Item LCP-200 LCP-280
Wafer Size Up to 6inch Up to 6inch
Die Size 100㎛ X 100㎛ ~ 2,000 ㎛ X 2,000㎛ 300㎛ X 300㎛ ~ 2,000㎛ X 2,000㎛
Probing type Wafer-level Die-level
Wafer Cassette Slot 25 Slot 25 Slot
Tact time 200ms @ 100ms test time 280ms @ 100ms test time
System dimension 1050 X 1150 X 1710 (mm) (W X D X H) 1460 X 1300 X 1700 (mm) (W X D X H)