Laser Lift-Off System

Laser Lift-Off System


QMC Laser Lift Off System, SLO Series is equipment utilizing excimer laser to remove GaN or AIN thin film from sapphire. The system can remove the thin films in sizes from wafer level to various chip levels. The films can be used in high brightness LED chip process or laminated semiconductor devices that require microfabrication process.



  • High Grade Optics for Longer life and Optimal beam transmission
  • Granite base integrated to eliminate Vibration
  • Beam density control for optimum process condition
  • Automatic wafer alignment & Beam focusing
  • Automatic mask switching/changing function
  • Real-time Laser beam intensity monitoring
  • Proprietary Vacuum head for debris/particle to protect optics


Wafer SizeUp to 6inch
Wafer cassette slot25ea
Maximum beam size4mm X 4mm
System dimension2700 X 1000 X 2300 (mm) (W X D X H)