Phosphor Coater

Phosphor Coater


QMC LPC Series는 일정하게 배열된 Flip Chip 위에 Hybrid Coating Head를 적용하여 형광체를 균일한 두께로 코팅하는 설비입니다. 진공 챔버 구조를 적용하여 형광체 내의 기포 발생을 억제하며, Pre-Heating Zone을 적용하여 이동 시 자재 변형을 최소화하여 수율 향상 및 높은 생산성을 제공합니다.



  • High throughput performance and stability for mass production
  • Hybrid Coating Head for applying the phosphor as uniform thickness
  • Vacuum Chamber Structure for preventing the bubble generation when applying the phosphor
  • Pre-Curing function for preventing phosphor fluid flow and variation after applying the phosphor
Item LPC-210 비고
Coating Size 100mm X 100mme
Loading / Unloading Steel Ring Frame
Cassette Slot 25 Slot
Coating Uniformity ±15㎛ @ chip thickness less than 350㎛ Typ. Chip thickness 150㎛
Depending on the Silicone + Phosphor
mix ratio and the viscosity, uniformity
results may vary
Coating Height Control Auto
Displacement Measurement Laser Sensor
Coating Speed 0.7mm/sec CPS 3600 (Silicone + Phosphor)
Pre-cure Zone Plate Heater. max. 300°C Pre-cure time;300sec